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Tracey Franks

Tracey Franks is one of OpenMarkets' regular blog contributors and content writers, who has worked in financial services for over 20 years in businesses spanning stockbroking, funds management, research and consulting, as well as financial planning. When not writing about finance-related topics, Tracey is working on her first novel.
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Through the looking glass: Five noteworthy trends in 2017

2017 – a year that will evoke the memory of Donald Trump and his twitter mania (and of course the twitter temp who pulled the plug on his account),...

Can robots provide financial advice?

Robots have long featured in sci-fi and cartoons; a quick Google search informed me human interest in bots can be traced back to ancient China, where...

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Competition rules- the 'new' NSX

  The ‘new’ NSX’ (National Stock Exchange) wasn’t on my radar and therefore remained an unknown quantity until I watched OpenMarkets’ very own Gen...

Industry Talk Ethics Social Investing Investment

Putting the ethics into investment

Ethics and investment have not always been natural bed partners. Money has been, and continues to be, made from companies engaged in businesses some...

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Don’t launder your good name

Don’t launder your good name Australia’s largest listed company, the (now slightly less) venerable CommBank, can be credited with many things; not...

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The top five ETFs and a few to watch

Australians’ love affair with ETFs is far from over. August marked another record, with total market cap breaking the $30 billion barrier. According...

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Making a market in exchange traded products

Investing in equities is nice and straightforward. Company A issues shares. Investor B buys shares from Investor C. Investor B sells shares to...

Industry Talk

MINIs – the pint size portfolio powerhouse

I recently wrote a piece on warrants from the position of knowing very little (or next to nothing) about warrants. The things I know about MINIs...

Industry Talk

Blockchain 101: How it works & how it can benefit everyday life

Since my first blog about Blockchain in February last year the world of fintech has continued to innovate and develop. Melbourne is about to become a...

Trading & Investing

A limited option? How & why the options landscape has changed in Australia

Although the Australian options market as we know it commenced operations in February 1976, options have been around for many hundreds of years. In...

Trading & Investing

Gearing up for Growth

At the peak of the market pre-GFC, RBA data reveals Australian investors held over $40 billion in margin loans – at the end of 2016, despite several...

Trading & Investing

5 things you might not know about warrants

I must confess that I’m writing this blog from a position of ignorance. Contrary to the adage, it’s not bliss; it makes me uncomfortable to know...