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Trading & Investing Fintech Innovation

How APIs are revolutionising the broking industry

Fintech. Innovation. Words that are often used in the same sentence, often by yours truly. Each time I delve into a new part of the fintech...

Trading & Investing Industry Talk Market Updates Fintech Innovation

APAC team attend Hong Kong Forum

Hong Kong is the number one business city in Asia, it is well known for being a business hub for international companies and a major gateway to...

Klink's Corner Industry Talk Fintech Innovation

Australia's FinTech Industry: Batting above our average ?

As part of attending the launch of Gker, a  new fintech incubator in Shanghai last week, I was asked to give a presentation on the Australian fintech...

Trading & Investing Fintech Innovation

Social trading: a social approach to trading in the 21st century

Anything with the word social in its name gets my immediate attention. Social investing conjures an image of a group of like-minded people sitting...

Trading & Investing Industry Talk Fintech Innovation

Chi-X: securities trading with cutting-edge technology

I was interested to watch John Fildes interviewed by OpenMarkets for a blog in December 2015. When describing the entry of Chi-X to the Australian...

Trading & Investing Fintech Innovation

How Acorns 'invest your loose change' app works

My 19 year old son has a beer can next to his bed into which he lobs his loose change. Last week he took it to the bank and excitedly told me it was...

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